Międzynarodowa ankieta nt. strategii rewaskularyzacji

How would you make decisions in the cathlab in an ideal world with no restrictions? Test yourself on five coronary patients!

Participate in this international survey on interventional strategy!

In this investigator-initiated scientific project, led by Gabor G Toth, Emanuele Barbato and William Wijns, you are invited to access a virtual cathlab, where you will be presented with 5 patients with stable angina. This survey is open to interventional cardiologists from across the world and in all stages of their career.

After inspecting the coronary angiograms, you will be asked to identify all the stenoses and decide about their significance. The aim is to have a better understanding how colleagues make decisions in a hypothetical ideal world scenario.

Completion takes you around 25 – 30 minutes in total. Registration with a login and password is required, however no personal data will be asked. The registration process will allow you to provide your answers at your own pace, and to return for completion at any time. Your answers will be fully anonymized in the survey analysis and publication.

We hope to be able to count on your participation and thank you in advance for your valuable time ! Should you have any questions concerning this survey, you may contact the investigators here


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