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Who can become an EAPCI Member?

 Membership of the EAPCI is open to all health specialists whose primary interest lies in the field of cardiovascular interventions. These includes cardiologists, angiologists, radiologists, surgeons, cardiovascular technicians, physicians working in the industry and researchers.

Who are the EAPCI Members?

More than 5,200 colleagues from 122 different countries in all continents are already members of the EAPCI.

Who can vote ?

Only EAPCI members holding voting rights may stand for EAPCI Board positions.
A member is considered eligible for voting after three months of EAPCI membership at the date of the opening of the elections (i.e. member before 31 October 2019) and has a mailing address in an ESC Member country.

How to become an EAPCI Member? 

When applying online, you will be requested to login via “MY ESC”.
Please retrieve your username and password here.
If you do not yet have a My ESC account, please click on „Apply” to create one.

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