PCR supports the Euro4C Project

PCR supports the Euro4C Project

True to its core mission of serving the needs of each individual patient by helping the cardiovascular community share knowledge experience and practice, PCR has been welcoming and supporting communities’ initiatives all throughout its history.

It is within this spirit, and in response to a growing problem within the aging population treated by our community, that PCR welcomes Euro4C. This forum is open to all interventional cardiologists interested in providing their experience and expertise in the management of complex patients with calcified CAD.

The Euro4C scope

Chaired by Prof. Flavio Ribichini, Euro4C stands for the Cardiac Care of Calcified and Complex patients. The project has made it its mission to work on improving the clinical outcomes of complex patients with advanced, diffuse and calcified atherosclerotic CAD, often presenting in critical conditions and left ventricular dysfunction.

The Euro4C Project is concerned with the entire spectrum involved in the management of these complex disease states. Some of the challenges included in this scope are:

  • Severely calcified lesions
  • Left main trunk stenosis
  • Severe left ventricular dysfunction requiring mechanical circulatory support and multidisciplinary Heart Team evaluation
  • Severe comorbidities including chronic renal failure, respiratory disease, frailty, etc

Education for better patient outcomes

The management of these complex patients requires not only a significant clinical experience and judgement from specialists, but also a profound understanding of the dedicated techniques available. Indeed, medical continuing education, rooted at the very core of PCR’s DNA, plays a fundamental role in the transmission of such knowledge and the advancement of better patient care.

By welcoming the Euro4C group, PCR provides the support necessary for educating and informing practitioners with the aim of improving the clinical outcomes of complex patients with calcified atherosclerotic lesions and with left ventricular dysfunction.

Members of the Board of Directors:

President (May 2018- May 2020): Flavio Ribichini, Verona, Italy
Past President: Didier Carrie, Toulouse, France
President elect: (May 2020- May 2022) Miroslaw Ferenc, Bad  Krozingen, Germany
Treasurer: Bela Merkely, Budapest, Hungary
Secretary: Krzysztof Reczuch, Wroclaw, Poland

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