ACVI TAVI Operator

The certificate of TAVI operator

To obtain the ACVI PCS certificate of the independent TAVI operator an invasive cardiologist should meet the following requirements:

   – be specialist in cardiology
   – have a valid certificate of an independent operator of invasive cardiology ACVI PCS
   – perform as the first or second operator:

         – at least 10 TAVI procedures under the supervision of an independent operator / proctory,
         – followed by at least 20 TAVI procedures performed in person.
         – in the following calendar years, one should perform at least 10 aortic valve implantation per year.
         – doctors who performed between 20-49 TAVI procedures obtain the certificate for 3 years; after the sum of 50 TAVI procedures, the TAVI independent operator is granted permanently. 4. undergo a formal training course in TAVI systems used, along with a visit to an experienced TAVI center. The training should include at least didactic lectures and then participation in at least 2 TAVI procedures in the reference center.

Due to the complexity of the TAVI procedure and the need to treat the complications of this procedure, we recommend the participation of invasive cardiologists in training and the acquisition of practical experience in:

    -invasive treatment of structural heart diseases
    -invasive diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery diseases
    -access to peripheral arteries and their closing
    -the ability to set up and guide patients with ECMO

Application for the ACVI PCS Certificate of the Independent TAVI Operator TAVI:

To obtain a certificate, please send the following documents via PTK System:

    -Application for certification (attached)
    -List of performed TAVI procedures certified by the Head of the Cath Lab (attached).
    -Please attach a separate list for each cath lab where the operator performed TAVI procedures
    -Certificates of training completion for individual TAVI systems
    -Current certificate of ACVI PCS membership

After approving the application, the fee for issuing the certificate is 500 PLN.

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