Endorsement of International Conferences

ACVI offers announcement and educational approval to appropriate meetings, symposia, conferences, workshops and written educational material in the field of interventional cardiology. ACVI approval indicates that the meeting or written material has been scrutinised and vetted by the Association and is of high educational value.

 Levels of endorsement

ACVI offers the following of levels of service:

  • Statement of endorsement for scientific meetings or educational courses by ACVI and use of ACVI approved logo “ACVI Endorsed”
  • Statement of approval for scientific meetings or educational courses by ACVI and the use of ACVI approved logo “ACVI approved”
  • Announcements of a meeting on ACVI website; this will promote an event that is considered to be of interest to ACVI members.


All scientific meetings and educational courses seeking ACVI approval or accreditation must meet the following criteria:

  • Defined learning objectives for overall course and specific sessions
  • Significant portion of the program dedicated to interventional cardiology
  • Educational content with an evidence-based or referenced source.
  • Non-promotional
  • Open to health professionals

In addition, Statement of endorsement for a meeting or course requires

  • Involvement of an ACVI Board member in the planning of the scientific programme
  • Involvement of at least one ACVI Board Member or Committee as a Faculty Member

Note: Annual conferences organised by a National Society and/or National Working Group in the field of interventional cardiology will meet the Statement of endorsement by default after their submission to the ACVI Board.

Statement of approval requires that

  • Scientific or educational meeting programme is approved by the ACVI Board

Application procedure

The ACVI endorsement application should be done online, at least 3 months in advance.

The following documents should be attached to the application:

  • A formal written request for endorsement
  • A copy of the preliminary programme
  • Website/registration information of the event
  • A brief outline of the event, which will be published on the ACVI website if the endorsement is granted

The applicant will receive an automated e-mail confirming successful submission of the endorsement application form. When ACVI Board has reviewed all information, a final decision letter will be sent to the applicant with further information.


  • Fees will be waived for endorsed or approved scientific meetings and educational programmes from National Society or Interventional Cardiology National Working Groups.
  • Statement of endorsement: an administrative fee of 10 € per participant will be charged by ACVI in return of its endorsement, based on predicted number of attendees.
  • Statement of approval: an administrative fee of 5 € per participant will be charged by ACVI in return of its approval, based on predicted number of attendees.
  • Website announcement: an administrative fee of 500 € will be charged by ACVI in return of its announcement of the event in the Events and Conference Calendar website sections.

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